What is the PrePress Review?

Our online site was intended for users who are comfortable and familiar with online ordering, uploading files, and basic graphic controls. All self service projects flow seamlessly through our automated system without delay or review: we do not proof your project-we assume you have done all the quality control before you submit your final project and process your order.

If you are uncomfortable submitting your project without a duplication expert first reviewing your files - PrePress Review is going to handle this for you! We've developed a "free" review process which we perform on all orders prior to the order going to print.

One of our certified PrePress Experts will review your order based on the following criteria and let you know if we found any problems.
If an issue or question is found, you will be contacted via email and given the opportunity to be informed about the issue and given instructions regarding correcting the issue before production begins.

This service will help you avoid costly mistakes when submitting your order.
Project elements we will check:

  1. Size: Make sure that the document size is correct according to specs (Review submitted art and confirm overall sizing of art is within template)
  2. Bleed: Make sure the submitted artwork has the correct amount of bleed on all printed elements (No text in Bleed, and background image (if any) extends to edge of bleed area)
  3. Resolution: The resolution must not be less than 300dpi. When using a picture or logo with a lower resolution, the quality of the picture is not going to be good. In some cases you will see a definite pixelization (jagged edges). We will check your artwork for best printing results. (Visual inspection that art appears to be high resolution, we cannot verify exact resolution after order is placed)
  4. Confirm the Bar Code (if chosen) is located on a scannable surface (Barcode needs to be on Traycard, DVD or BD wraparound insert, or (extreme case) the front cover of 2 panel or 2 panel insert if traycard is not chosen)
  5. Review color and contrast of fonts used to ensure proper legibility. (Dark text over an even darker background will not reproduce well...even if all is legible on a monitor. Create higher contrasting text or add a stroke to the text to enhance legibility)
  6. Make sure template layers are removed from uploaded designs.
  7. Verify essential elements are within safety margins (Similar to verifying bleed, but taking it one step further and making sure the safety margins do not have text or essential elements going into them)

When possible, we will make adjustments to artwork to achieve the best results. This is strictly limited to nudging art to fill bleed, or back off safety margins....provided it does not effect bleed coverage.

There are some elements of your project we cannot check, we will need you to ensure the following are submitted correctly.

  • Spelling
  • Content - audio, will not listen for pops or glitches or spacing
  • Data - we cannot confirm functionality of data content. Please make sure your data functions as intended on the proper platforms.
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