I don't see my genre. What do I do?

I'm sorry, but we are often limited by the genre selections offered by Gracenote and / or Nielson. We realized your music may not fit nicely into the available options, and you will have to choose something close to your genre. This is outside our control.

The first is on our IPR form.  

The genre selection on our IPR form matches the main genres offered by the Gracenote database. 

The second is on the Nielsen SoundScan form when you register your barcode.

In order to register your album with Nielsen SoundScan, you must pick a genre from their genre list which is somewhat limited.  If you have any questions about how the genre information is used on Nielsen Soundscan’s end or would like to provide them with any feedback about their genre selection, we recommend contacting Nielsen SoundScan directly at clientservices@soundscan.com

Customers who have purchased the Distribution bundle from us will be asked to select 2 genres, 2 sub-genres, a mood or a style, and 3 similar famous artists when completing their account setup with CD Baby.  This genre information is then sent to the digital partner sites (who will classify the album to fit under the genres that they offer).

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