What type of on disc printing do you offer for replication orders (>300)?

For color printing, we lay a white flood coat onto the disc for proper ink adherence.

Should you want a silver base (instead of the white flood coat), you should add notes to your design templates. This is sometimes referred to as a "silver knock out".

To take advantage of this preference, your order must have a quantity of 300 discs or more. 

1. Log into your 'My Account' (www.oasiscd.com

2. Create a new quote/or edit an existing one.

3. Ensure the quantity of your order is more than 300.

4. Save your quote.

5. Inside your 'Project Management Center', click the 'Get Started'/ 'Resume' button under Artwork. 

6. Choose your submission method

7. Once you've selected the submission method the next page will prompt you asking about 'Silver Knock Out'. Follow the on-screen directions on how to indicate what you want to be silver and what you want to be printed.


** Note - Silver knock out is not available on orders under 300 units, nor pantone (PMS) colors. "Black text on a silver disc" is the only option to have a silver base for an order under 300 units.

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