Can I send you a Quicktime (or MPEG, AVI, WMV) movie to use as my DVD-Video master content?

You could sent us a QuickTime movie (or any other type of digital video file) to us and we could make a DVD-ROM with that content, BUT your would only be able to view the copies we make on a computer capable of playing that file. it would NOT work in your standard set top DVD player attached to a TV. A QuickTime file is not a duplication ready DVD master type. You’ll need to author the video first (adding menus, chapter breaks, etc...) so that it can be played on a standard DVD player- right now, if you burn that file to a DVD (without encoding it for DVD playback) only a computer can read it- a regular DVD player could not. You’ll need to use an authoring program (such as iDVD or Adobe Encore) in order to create Video_TS/Audio_TS folders (which are the directory structure for standard DVDs) or authored files in an ISO file (or IMG). Once you have an authored file, you can either mail that in to us or upload directly through our site, and we can produce your DVDs.

Please see our section on DVD Authoring for more info, or contact us for more information and pricing if you need us to prepare your video for DVD playback.

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