How can I get CD-Text CDs?

Depending on how you provide your music to us will determine how we collect CD-Text information.

Regardless of how you submit the content to us, we need ACCURATE track information to be filled out on the Intellectual Property Rights form. This info is used when registering with the Gracenote Database.


Master Uploader Application

The app will try and pull any CD-Text or Meta Data from the files you are using, but be sure to review and update this information as necessary. Just click the Song Title and Performer fields and put in the proper info.

don't forget the Album Title and album Performer on the right side of the uploader!


Upload Online Now (WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP3, AAC, WMA)

If uploading files direct through our website, we step you through the process.

  • First, be sure to put in the artist and album name in step 1.

  • Pick the files for each of your tracks
  • On the following pages, be sure to PREVIEW and SEQUENCE your tracks properly. This is how they will appear on your album!
  • You will eventually be brought to a page where we ask you to input your CD-Text information. You can choose to not include CD-Text if you would like, but it is included by default and at no extra charge.
  • Be sure to click into each filed and type in the track name.

Use Master From CD Baby

Log into your CD Baby Artists account, and choose the project you want to pull audio from.

We will pull the CD track information already registered, but you can click into the field and change it if necessary!

Mailing in Content

We will use the CD-Text encoded on the disc you mail us. We will not add or change this in any way, we will make a perfect copy of the disc you send us.




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