Do I need to order a UPC code for my physical discs? What option should I choose?

While you are not required to add a UPC code to your physical media product, if you are considering selling physical discs you should have a UPC code to track your sales and ensure that you are being paid your royalties and/or commissions correctly.

If you decide to use the discs for promotions or give-a-ways, you won't need a UPC code.

I need to Purchase a UPC code . If you order a UPC code from us, it will cost $20.00. No need to include a white space holder for it since it is an overlay.

I have my UPC. Sure! If quoting your project online, make sure to select "I have my UPC Code".

Then, after you upload your artwork you will be given the options of:

Click 'Save and Continue'

If you need us to create the actual UPC code for you, we will ask you where to place the UPC code and show you proofs of your artwork WITH your own UPC code!

I don’t need/want one. This is fine if you are not doing any type of physical sales that you will be tracking or is there a code already embedded in your artwork.

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