Will my song titles appear when I put my CD into a computer?

When album information is displayed on a computer, it is a result of your CD being registered with the Gracenote or AllMusic databases. The Gracenote database provides album information to the following media players: iTunes, WinAmp, Quintessential Media Player, and Finder (Mac OS).  The AllMusic database provides album information to the following media players: Windows Media Player, Rhapsody, and Real Music Player.

You can register your album by following these steps:

For more information on registering your album with the Gracenote database, visit their website at: https://www.gracenote.com/company/support/

A similar but different technology is that of CD-Text, which shows album information that is actually encoded on your supplied master disc. CD-Text will only display on players that support it. The most common CD-Text capable players available today are aftermarket car stereos. 

Note - Oasis CD Manufacturing will register your tracks with Gracenote for you, when you upload your content, add a UPC code and CD-Text to your tracks and complete our online IPR form, for FREE!

Gracenote Registration for Mastering only Projects:

Since we have do not have track lengths, artwork or UPC for our mastering only projects we are unable to register the tracks for Gracenote for you.

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