What file types can I submit for authoring?

Acceptable Digital formats:
Uncompressed digital video files HD and SD — AVI (Windows Media Codec, Avid DNxHD), QuickTime (ProRes), and mp4. DVD Video can be used but may not yield acceptable results. Generally uncompressed video is the best, but submitted video should be at least the same resolution or quality as your edited master without additional compression added. We recommend you supply contents on an external drive or USB drive.

**To take advantage of our high-end video encoding software, the preferred filetype is a QuickTime (mov) file or AVI. An mp4 may be submitted but it needs to be in a QuickTime container or wrapper — meaning it has an “.mov” file extension.

Acceptable Tape Formats:
Betacam (Beta) / Betacam SP (BetaSP) / Digital Betacam (DigiBeta) / Betacam SX (BetaSX) / MiniDV (SP mode only) / HDV / DV / DVCAM, 3/4", SVHS and VHS (SP mode only)

Supported Videotape formats at additional cost. Call for pricing:
1" / DVCPRO/D2, D3, Sony HDCAM/SR, 8mm, Betamax

*We recommend at least one second of black at the beginning of your video before picture and sound starts.
*All audio & video is encoded as is without additional color correction or audio enhancement.
* Standards conversion at additional cost (NTSC/PAL)
*Call if your video format does not appear in the above list.


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