Can you enhance the quality of my video (Color Correction)?

Color correction can add a professional and polished look to your final project. The amount of correction or enhancement possible will be greatly affected by the quality of the original video. As always, great care should be exercised with lighting and audio when making the original recording. The quality of the camera and lens used will greatly affect the final quality. An uncompressed or 2k image or larger will allow for better “enhancement” results than a mp4 or other “compressed” image. Even though most cameras claim they are HD, the vast differences in CODECs, lenses, and sensors can vary greatly in the final quality. Most cameras compress the image before recording to the storage device. What may be uncompressed HD originally, may not be by the time it is recorded.

*Performing color correction on a DVD master is not desirable as it is a highly compressed file. It is always preferable to work with the original edited video. A DVD can be used for evaluation but the original video is always preferred and will yield more acceptable results.

Having said that, every production has issues and enhancement may be required. We can improve color and contrast, as well as adjusting color tone to add a look or feel to the final project. Looks like Black and White, sepia tone, blue casts can greatly add to the professional look and feel of your final piece. As always, the original source will determine how much can be accomplished. Call to ask about a free screening.


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