Can my DVD/Blu-ray have surround sound? What is AC-3 audio?

DVD/Blu-ray support several configurations of audio, including mono, stereo and "surround". Mono or stereo audio may be uncompressed PCM (equivalent to CD audio) or Dolby Digital format for audio data compression also known as AC-3. For DVD, Multi-channel or surround audio is supported via Dolby Digital in 5.1 or DTS (we cannot encode DTS and will need to be supplied already encoded). The 5.1 configurations consists of Left, Right, Center, LFE, Left Surround and Right Surround. We do not currently support other audio configurations such as 7.1.

We can accept aiff or wav audio 16 bit 48k (higher bitrates if desired). Audio can be submitted embedded in the video file or separately (stems). 5.1 audio for DVD can be embedded into the video file in the following order:

1 L Left
2 R Right
3 C Center
4 LFE Low Frequency Effects
5 Ls Left Surround
6 Rs Round Surround
7 Stereo L Stereo Left
8 Stereo R Stereo Right

*For surround sound we prefer separate stems to ensure proper surround mix. **PCM provides an uncompressed audio source whereas AC3 is compressed. PCM can result in playback issues on some players. We utilize AC3 on all DVD projects unless otherwise requested.

Audio supported by Blu-ray:
Linear PCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD High Resolution, DTS-HD, Master Audio. If supplying other than PCM or Dolby Digital, please call for more information.


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