How can I send my DDP on DVD?

When creating a DDP, the authoring software will build a Layer0 folder (for a single layer DVD-5) or Layer0 and Layer1 folders (for a Dual layer DVD-9). The DDP formatting should be either DDP 2.0 or 2.1. Each folder should go on its own DVD-R and should be burned to disc as Data (DVD-ROM UDF). Make sure the files are at the root level of the disc and not in a folder. Mark the disc Layer 1 or Layer 0 and put DDP 2.0 or 2.1 in big RED letters. Fill out DDP enclosure form and submit with master(s). 

These files can also be uploaded to the project center.

To format a DDP in DVD Studio Pro, follow these instructions. This is for DVDSP only. Procedures for other software applications will vary.

Use this method when submitting a DVD master utilizing copy protection or when submitting a DVD-9 and you wish to control the layer break or region codes.

Make sure CSS (no copy permitted –format for CSS) and/or Macrovision (type 2) is enabled if desired. Make sure a layer break (break point — DVD-9s only) is selected in the inspector or choose automatic and DVDSP will select the layer break. The layer break will always be at a marker position whether it’s a Dual-Layer Break Point marker or a chapter marker.

Build your DVD as usual. Test in the Apple DVD Player to make sure it is working properly. We also recommend you build a DVD and test it in a DVD player.

Once you are happy with the DVD functionality, go back into DVDSP. At the top of DVDSP select Format. Under the Disc/Volume tab, confirm the Dual-Layer Break Point. In the Region/Copyright tab, confirm your copy protection settings. Select the General tab (make sure you do this last). Under Destination — Output Device select Hard Drive. Under Output Format choose DDP 2.0.


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