How many minutes can I fit on a DVD-5? A DVD-9?

While a good rule of thumb is that it takes about two gigabytes to store one hour of average video, the amount of video a DVD can hold depends on the amount of audio and the type of audio/video compression, as well as the associated audio tracks, menu complexity, and additional material. This means that a DVD-5, DVD-R, or DVD+R can hold up to about 120 minutes of video with standard bit-rate and a 48kHz audio stream. However, we have found that to maximize quality, we recommend no more than 85 minutes on a DVD-5. DVD-9s will hold about 4 hours of video (less than 3 at the optimal quality).


DiscCapacity (GB)Capacity
(video minutes)
DVD-5 4.7 120 1 1
DVD-9 8.5 240 1 2


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