How can I cancel the distribution of an album I am currently distributing through CD Baby?

You can cancel the distribution of any existing albums you are distributing through CD Baby by logging into your CD Baby Artist Account, clicking the "View/Edit" button next to your album title, and selecting the "Cancellation Options" link under the "Album Info" (or "Single Info") heading.

Please note, canceling the distribution of an album is irreversible. Cancellation of an album is permanent. Once your cancellation request has been submitted, your content will be removed from CD Baby's digital partner sites within 30 days.

If you also have physical CDs available for sale on CD Baby, you will need to contact CD Baby directly at

to cancel the physical portion. The cancellation form in your CD Baby Artist Account ONLY cancels digital sales.

If you currently have physical CDs available for purchase in CD Baby's warehouse, CD Baby can either recycle your CDs, or send them back to you for a fee. If you would like to have your physical CDs returned to you, please provide the delivery address where you would like to have your CDs sent, so CD Baby can get back to you quickly with a quote for shipping.

If you have any further questions regarding CD Baby's cancellation policies, we recommend contacting CD Baby directly for further assistance. CD Baby can be reached at

or 1-800-BUY-MY-CD between the hours of 9am and 5pm PST.

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