Who is eligible for the Tools of Promotion with CD Baby Pro Publishing?

In order to be eligible for the Tools of Promotion with CD Baby Pro Distribution, your physical CDs must contain cover artwork and a UPC barcode.

The Tools of Promotion with CD Baby Pro Distribution packages can be purchased with any CD (replication or duplication) order that includes a packaging option that includes cover artwork. Bulk discs, jewel cases with no inserts, slim jewel cases with no inserts, etc. are not eligible for physical distribution through CD Baby. You must select a packaging option that includes cover artwork in order to add CD Baby Pro Distribution to your order.

A UPC barcode is also required for distribution purposes. A UPC bar code can be purchased with your manufacturing order, or during your account setup with CD Baby. UPC barcodes can be purchased from Oasis or CD Baby for $20.00. CD Baby does not require that a UPC barcode be printed on your physical packaging.

In order to be eligible for the Tools of Promotion with CD Baby Pro Publishing, you must also meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Reside in one of the countries and territories where CD Baby Pro Publishing is available. See table BELOW for more information..
  • US Residents must have a Social Security Number or US Tax ID.
  • Canadian Residents must have a SIN Number.
  • CD Baby Pro Publishing can help Canadian artists with the SOCAN songwriter affiliation process.
  • Songwriters in the UK are eligible for CD Baby Pro Publishing, but must affiliate with PRS directly first.
  • Minors are eligible for royalty collection through CD Baby Pro. Click here for more information about signing up for CD Baby Pro as a minor.



Country/ Territory Performing Rights Organization (PRO) Organization Info Join
American Samoa* ALL US PROs   Join a US PRO via CD Baby*
Anguilla PRS Join PRS
Aruba BUMA Join BUMA
Australia** APRA Join APRA
Austria AKM Join AKM
Barbados PRS Join PRS
Belgium SABAM Join SABAM
Bermuda PRS Join PRS
Bonaire BUMA Join BUMA
Brazil** All Brazilian PROs Read more about Brazil here. Join a Brazilian PRO
British Antarctic Territory PRS Join PRS
British Indian Ocean Territory PRS Join PRS
Canada* SOCAN Join SOCAN via CD Baby*
Canary Islands** SGAE Join SGAE
Cayman Islands PRS Join PRS
Curacao BUMA Join BUMA
Czech Republic OSA Join OSA
Denmark KODA Join KODA
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) PRS Join PRS
Faroe Islands KODA Join KODA
Fiji** APRA Join APRA
French Guyana SACEM Join SACEM
French Polynesia SACEM Join SACEM
Gibraltar PRS Join PRS
Great Britain PRS Join PRS
Greece AEPI Join AEPI
Greenland KODA Join KODA
Guadeloupe SACEM Join SACEM
Guam* ALL US PROs   Join a US PRO via CD Baby*
Ireland IMRO Join IMRO
Israel** ACUM Join ACUM
Lebanon SACEM Join SACEM
Luxembourg SACEM Join SACEM
Martinique SACEM Join SACEM
Mayotte SACEM Join SACEM
Mexico** SACM Join SACM
Montserrat PRS Join PRS
Netherlands BUMA Join BUMA
New Caledonia SACEM Join SACEM
New Zealand** APRA Join APRA
Northern Ireland PRS Join PRS
Northern Mariana Islands* ALL US PROs   Join a US PRO via CD Baby*
Norway TONO Join TONO
Pitcairn PRS Join PRS
Portugal** SPA Join SPAUTORES
Puerto Rico* ALL US PROs   Join a US PRO via CD Baby*
Réunion SACEM Join SACEM
Saint Barthélemy SACEM Join SACEM
Saint Helena PRS Join PRS
Saint Pierre And Miquelon SACEM Join SACEM
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines* ALL US PROs   Join a US PRO via CD Baby*
Scotland PRS Join PRS
Singapore** COMPASS Join COMPASS
Sint Maarten BUMA Join BUMA
South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands PRS Join PRS
Spain** SGAE Join SGAE
St. Eustatius BUMA Join BUMA
St. Martin SACEM Join SACEM
Suriname BUMA Join BUMA
Sweden STIM Join STIM
Switzerland SUISA Join SUISA
Turks And Caicos Islands PRS Join PRS
United Kingdom PRS Join PRS
United States* ASCAP Join ASCAP via CD Baby*
United States* BMI Join BMI via CD Baby*
United States SESAC Join SESAC
United States Minor Outlying Islands* ALL US PROs   Join a US PRO via CD Baby*
Virgin Islands (British) PRS Join PRS
Virgin Islands (US)* ALL US PROs   Join a US PRO via CD Baby*
Wales PRS Join PRS
Wallis and Futuna SACEM Join SACEM


* CD Baby can affiliate you directly in the US (ASCAP, BMI) and Canada (SOCAN) to a Performing Rights Organization. If you are already affiliated with them, we will start administering your songs with your Performing Rights Organization.

** Note: US Government Tax Withholding will apply for users in this location. For more information on tax withholding, click here.

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