My text is aligned correctly in the designer, but my proofs look wrong!

****NOTE: We have a NEW Online designer for projects started 10/18 with a BUILT IN help section. Click 'Online Designer Help' from inside the designer to access the latest info!***


If you are using our Classic Online Designer check out the info below.


When creating your design in the online designer, it's very important to not add any extra spaces at the end of each line of text, as this can cause a shift when proofs are generated.



As you can see in the image above, the text looks properly aligned, but due to additional spaces being added to the end of each line, the resulting proof shifts the text:


If this happens to you, go back to the online designer template and make sure to delete any extra spaces at the end of each line, by dragging your cursor at the end of each line and deleting any extra spaces-

After cleaning up any extra spaces, you should see a properly aligned proof.



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