What is Mastering for iTunes (MFiT) and do you offer it?

Mastered for iTunes(sometimes shortened to MFiT) is a process developed by Apple that mastering engineers follow in order to submit the highest quality master to Apple for sale through iTunes.

Frankford Wayne Mastering is certified by Apple to provide this service. Only masters from certified mastering facilities can be submitted to Apple as MFiT.

In order to be MFiT certified the client must provide a high resolution master to us for the mastering session. The master must be at least 24-bits, with a sample rate of at least 44.1K, though higher is recommended if possible. If a 16-bit master such as an audio CD, upload through our MUA, or 16-bit WAV files is submitted, we cannot complete the MFiT process.

The second part of the MFiT process happens during the mastering session. Using tools provided by Apple, the mastering engineer will preview the mastered files through the same encoding process that Apple will use to create the AAC files that will be sold through iTunes. Based on that preview the engineer may make some adjustments to the mastered files in order to optimize the sound after the encoding process is completed. Another tool alerts the engineer to any clipping of the audio signal that is occuring during the AAC conversion. Based on this info the engineer can reduce the overall volume to avoid this clipping.

The result of this process is a file submitted to Apple that will yield the highest quality conversion to an AAC file for sale on iTunes.

Since the MFiT process does add time to a mastering session there will typically be an additional charge when a client is requesting this service.

For 1-3 songs, there will be no additional cost for creating MFit compatible versions of your audio.  For any sessions exceeding 4 or more songs, a $75 charge will be added.


Any mastering sessions that require the MFiT process will need to be assigned to me so i can check the overall quality and file type submitted.

To submit MFiT files to iTunes you will need to do a second submission through CD Baby.



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