Can I see what ISRC Codes have been assigned to my tracks?

When you order with Oasis, we will assign individual ISRC codes to each track of your AUDIO CD (unless you provided your own codes or asked us not to).

You can view the ISRC Codes we assigned to your tracks through your online account.

  1. Click 'My Account' in the top navigation.

  2. Log into your account with your email address and password.
  3. Click on 'View Project Details' next to the order you would like to know more about.

  4. Scroll down the 'Project Details' page until you find the 'ISRC Information'
  5. Click 'Show Tracks & ISRC Codes'
  6. You will then see a table listing your track names and the codes assigned to each track.



This information is not available online until the discs have been manufactured, which is typically 2-3 days before we ship. 

If you do not see them posted in your online account just yet please be patient, they should be posted soon!


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