What gear does the Frankford Wayne use?

The Frankford Wayne Studio at Oasis has consistently remained at the forefront of technology so your album will sound its best. Our industry-leading Mastering studios offers you access to some of the most advanced Mastering gear ever produced, at a fraction of the price of the world's other leading Mastering houses. After Mastering, your project will have the professional edge needed to compete with major label releases.

Equalizers: Massenburg Labs, Avalon, Sontec, Weiss, Mellennia Media, Pultec
Compressors: Daniel Weiss, Focusrite Blue 330, Millennia Media
Monitors: B&W, Dynaudio, Genelec, Audix
Tube Gear: Giltronics
Converters: Lavry Blue, Apogee
Digital Audio Workstations: Sequoia 11, Bias Peak

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