Using a multi-page booklet template in Photoshop

If you're preparing one of our multi-page templates (such as a booklet), the ideal application to do so is a fully featured layout application such as InDesign, Illustrator, or Quark Xpress. If you do not have one of these programs:

  • Open the PDF version of the template into Photoshop. (This will show as a 2 page spread.)
  • You'll need to build each spread, two pages at a time based on the reader spread template. You'll have to assemble the pages in the correct print order. For example an 8 page booklet would be set up in this order: Back/Front, P2/P3, P4/P5, P6/P7
  • Once all pages are set up, you'll need to merge them into one PDF file. You can do this by using Acrobat Pro and saving a single PDF file, or using this free website- to upload your files and save out a merged PDF.

When opening the template PDF in Photoshop, please be sure to set the following options correctly:

"Crop To"- Media Box
"Mode" - CMYK
"Resolution"- 300 DPI

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