Will cover artwork load when my discs are imported into iTunes?

The Gracenote database provides music recognition services for the iTunes application. The Gracenote database provides cover artwork for streaming services, radio services, and car systems, but not the iTunes application.

Cover artwork in the iTunes application is provided by the iTunes Store. The iTunes Store is run by Apple, and does not use the Gracenote database to provide cover artwork recognition services.  Cover artwork will load in the iTunes application after you have imported the CD into your iTunes library.

The iTunes application will only download album artwork for songs that it can find in the iTunes Store. When selecting the "Get Album Artwork" option in the iTunes application, iTunes will check each song in your iTunes library, and will attempt to match it up with a song in the iTunes Store. If the data matches, iTunes will download the album artwork from the iTunes Store and add it to the song in your iTunes library. If iTunes is unable to find a particular song's cover artwork in the iTunes Store, iTunes will not download artwork for that song.

If your album is currently available for purchase in the iTunes Store, and album artwork is not loading after you have selected the "Get Album Artwork" option in the iTunes application, we recommend ensuring that your iTunes application is up to date. You can check for updates in the iTunes application by selecting the "Help" option and clicking "Check for Updates."  Reinstalling the iTunes application may also help to resolve any issues.  If you continue to experience issues downloading your cover artwork in the iTunes application, we recommend contacting the iTunes Support team for further assistance.

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