Our Design Templates. A Users Guide.

Readers Spreads: Our templates default to this version.  Readers Spreads align the pages in order of pagination which means the pages are in numerical order. If your project displays the incorrect version in your proof, you may need to have your quote adjusted. Give us a call and we can set that up for you.


Setting up the pages for a book (Multiple pages stapled together to create a booklet) can be a bit confusing. Our booklet templates are arranged in either Reader's spreads or Printer’s spreads.


Printers Spreads: This version of the template is available upon request. Each page of the document has 2 booklet pages side by side. The pages are not in numerical order (printers spreads). The pages are numbered so that when printed, trimmed and bound they will be in the correct order. The page numbers are marked in the templates and should not be rearranged.


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