What programs are OK? Not OK?

While you can use almost any design program to create your artwork, we recommend you output the finished file as a PDF before submitting to us. That may speed up your proofing time and get your order into production sooner.

Information on exporting to a PDF can be found here.

We have templates available in all professional-level desktop publishing software. Here is a list of file formats we can accept:

PDF (PDF/X-4:2008 preferred)

Layout files:
• Adobe Illustrator (versions CS4 - CC2015)
• Adobe InDesign (version CS3 - CC2015)
• Adobe Photoshop (up to version CC2015, use our PDF template at 300 ppi)

Photos or images:
Generally any image format Photoshop can open, including:
• TIFF (.tif)
• Adobe Photoshop (up to version CC2015) (.psd)
• Photoshop EPS (.eps) – with 8-bit TIFF preview
• Windows Bitmaps (.bmp)
• GIF (.gif) – accepted, but not recommended for print
• JPEG (.jpg) – accepted, but not recommended for print

Fonts: We can accept OpenType, TrueType, or PostScript fonts for Mac OS or Windows.

For the Mac, PostScript fonts will be a suitcase/screen file with separate printer files for each weight (e.g., bold, italic, plain), while TrueType will be a single suitcase. For PC, each TrueType font will be a single .ttf file, while PostScript fonts consist of two files, a .pfm and .pfb. Please note that we cannot accept webfonts or Multiple Master fonts.

** If you are using InDesign and are sending native files instead of PDFs we strongly recommend using the File > Package command, which will gather your fonts and images.

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